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Chapter 11 – Beginning Again
10 years prior…
    “Home sweet home!” Ruth exclaimed as she collapsed on the hotel bed.  “What a ride over, am I right?” Her parents nodded as they started to unpack their entire luggage.  “I don’t think that pilot knew how to work that thing!  We were bumpin’ all around the place!” Jimmy suddenly jumped on the bed making Ruth bounce around.
    “Did it feel like this?!” They both started to laugh when their mother opened the curtain covering the window to reveal the North Sea.
    “Wooooaaahhh.” They both exclaimed.
    “Jimmy, I don’t think we’re in Texas anymore.”
    “Can we go down to the beach, can we, can we, can we?!” He asked their parents desperately.
    “Unpack your suitcase first Jimmy.” Their dad stated.  He rolled his eyes and groaned.
    “Can’t I do that later?!” The dad looked at him then smiled.
    “Alright, why not?  What’s it going to hurt to go down there and preview what we have in store?  Honey, can you take them?  I’ll get the luggage unpacked.”  The wife nodded as Ruth and Jimmy both jumped with glee.   They all ran down to the beach to see the blue, sparkling water splashing against the white sand as people of all ages walked along the shoreline.  Only a few people were in the actual water due to it being late March but that didn’t stop Jimmy from running straight into it.  Their mom had to run in after him to pull him out and scold him for getting his regular clothes wet and doing such a thing without a life jacket.  Ruth giggled and went to turn around when she bumped into someone.
    “Oh!  I’m sorry!” She looked up to see it was a teenage boy with short, spikey brown hair and hazel eyes.  He was tall and lean, and his skin was pale.  He looked down to see her and just started staring.  “Umm…I’m just gona go this way…” She said uneasily.
    “Wait.” He spoke up.  “Sorry, you just remind me of someone I once knew.” She looked around.
    “Oh, were they nice?” She said jokingly.  It was awkwardly quiet.
    “You’re cute.” He said starting to grin.  Ruth was caught off guard by this.  She never thought of herself anything more than just normal and never really thought about relationships yet this teenager was calling her cute!
    “Wh-what?” She said.
    “Never seen a girl so dazzling as you.” His British accent made her chuckle.  “What?  I’m not trying to be funny.”
    “You’re accent…it’s different.” He looked around confused.
    “I have an accent?  You’re the one who speaks differently.”
    “Sorry, I just ain’t ever had anyone compliment me like this.” He looked at what she was wearing and saw that she had on some Nikes.
    “I also wear Nikes.” Ruth looked at him confused then stared at their shoes.
    “Oh, uh…yea!  They’re my favorite brand.  I always wear these pair too, most comfortable things I’ve ever had.” He continued to look her over and saw that she was also wearing a black Gorillaz shirt and some blue jeans.
    “You like Gorillaz?”
    “Boy, you sure jump from topic to topic.” She mumbled.  “But yea, I love them!  Met them once and got a poster signed!  They are my inspiration!”
    “Well then good thing you met me!” She raised an eyebrow.  “You see, the main guitarist guy and my dad are tight.”
    “You mean Murdoc?!”
    “Yea him, and well I had to do this school project of interviewing people I saw as my heroes so I asked my dad if he could ask Murdoc to get his band together and let me do an interview!”
    “No way!  Man that sounds awesome!  You are one lucky guy!  What I wouldn’t give to meet them again and show them how much I’ve improved in a month!” The boy smiled.
    “Well, you could come with me.” Ruth gasped.
    “Are you for real?!  You would really let me come with you?” He nodded.
    “Yea, I’ll pick you up tomorrow evening, that’s when it’s all going down.”
    “Alright, you can just pull in front of that hotel tomorrow.” She pointed to the massive building beside them.  “That’s where I’m staying.”
    “Cool, it’ll be at 7:00pm, my car is a navy blue Honda.”
    “Ruth!  Let’s go back to the room now!” Her mom yelled as her brother started squalling.  
    “Ok, I guess I’ll see you then.” He nodded.  “Oh!  Never got your name?”
    “Alex.  You must be Ruth?”
    “Ruth McDonald at your service!” She said smiling.
    “Ruth come on!” Her mom yelled again.
    “Whelp, gotta go!  See ya tomorrow Alex!” She turned and ran toward her mother.
    “Who was that you were talking to?” Her mom asked.
    “Alex, he’s really nice.”
    “Ohhhh, he wasn’t trying to get with he was he?” She chuckled while saying this.
    “Ooooo, Ruth’s got a boyfriend!  Wait till dad finds out!”
    “Shut up Jimmy!  He’s not my boyfriend!  He’s like…16 or something.”
    They finally got to the room when the mom started to tell the dad about Ruth’s “new friend”.
    “16?  Oh no, he’s way too old for you.  But that’s nice you are starting to talk to new people instead of being in a shell all the time.” The dad said.
    “I’m glad you agree because tomorrow night he’s taking me to see meet to Gorillaz!” The parents stopped and looked at each other than at Ruth.  Jimmy turned the TV on and said,
    “Can I go?!”
    “No, he can only take one other person and he asked me since I was wearing this shirt.” Jimmy sighed.
    “Darn, oh well…I don’t really like them anyways!”
    “He asked you to go with him to meet that band you talk about?” The dad asked unsure.
    “Yea!  I was thinking they were still back in America on tour but I guess they’re here!  He has to do this heroes project and his dad and Murdoc are real tight so they’re gona do him a favor and let him interview them!”
    “Well…that’s nice of them.” The mom said.
    “He’s picking me up tomorrow at 7!”
    “Ruth…I know you really like the Gorillaz but I’m not letting you go with some strange teenage boy to something I’m not even sure is real.” The dad said.  Ruth was heartbroken.
    “What?  But he’s really nice!”
    “No Ruth!  That whole story just sounds fishy.  What’s a teenaged boy want with an 11 year old by himself?  That’s just creepy!” Ruth was angered.
    “But dad!”
    “NO!” Ruth looked down away from him and let it go; maybe she could convince him otherwise tomorrow.  
    “Fine…” She just sat down with Jimmy then and watched TV.
    Alex however still planned on meeting her the next day.  After she had departed from him, he had drove over to his friend’s house and knocked on the door.  The parents answered and let him in; he walked up the stairs to his friend’s room and busted the door open.
    “GOUGE!” He said happily.  A younger Gouge looked up at him from his bed.  He was a little hefty but muscular with black hair down to his cheeks and blue eyes.
    “Alex?  When did you get here?” He replied.
    “Just now mate!”
    “How you…holding up?” Alex shrugged.
    “The trials were long and time consuming but they put the bitch away.” Alex looked down.
    “I’m so sorry that you went through all that and I never knew, I would’ve done something if I-”
    “Stop talking man!” Gouge stopped.  “It’s over and done with.” Gouge looked down at the book he was reading.  “But, you can do something for me if you want make it up?” He grinned.
    “Like what?”
    “Well…” He started.  “I’m taking this girl out tomorrow night and I need you to come along, so she doesn’t feel so intimidated by me.”
    “You?  You don’t look scary; I’m the scary looking one.” Alex chuckled.      
    “She’s a frail girl; I want to earn her trust.” Gouge looked at him weird but shrugged.
    “Sure man, I guess I’ll come with you.” Alex smirked.
    It was the next evening and Ruth began to get ready to leave when her dad asked,
    “What you getting all spruced up for?”
    “To go with Alex to the Gorillaz thing.” She replied, the dad was shocked.
    “I told you no!”
    “You still haven’t changed your mind?”
    “What do you think ‘no’ stands for?!”
    “Dad!  This band means everything to me!  I want to show them how much I’ve improved!  How I am making my own band!”
    “Ruth!  You are not going!  That is final!”
    “Why do you want to stop me from my dreams?!” He scoffed.
    “Stop over reacting!” The clock turned 7 and with anger Ruth opened the room door.
    “I’m leaving!” She slammed it behind her and ran down to the lobby.
    “Ruth!  You get back here!” He started running after her.  She got to the lobby and ran outside but tripped on the steps.  She caught herself and saw the navy blue Honda waiting for her.  She looked back and quickly got up as a door opened from the car.
    “There you are!” Alex exclaimed from the driver’s seat.  She quickly got in as they sped off right as the dad came down.  He screamed for her name at the car then ran back inside.  
    “Man, I’m pumped!” Ruth exclaimed.  That’s when she looked back and saw Gouge.
    “Man, we’re going to get in so much trouble Alex!” He exclaimed.  “Neither one of us is legal to drive and I can’t believe you stole your grandpa’s car!” Alex glared at Gouge through the rearview mirror.
    “Wait what?  What’s going on?!” Ruth exclaimed.  “You can’t drive?  This is stolen?  Oh my god…”
    “No my grandpa loaned me the car…” He said gritting his teeth.  “…but don’t worry about my driving capability, I drive well.” Ruth kept looking back at Gouge.  “That’s Gouge, he’s my friend, he’s just coming along with us.” Ruth started thinking maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.
    “How old is she, Alex?” Gouge asked concerned.
    “I’m eleven.” Ruth replied.
    “11?!  Danm Alex, what the hell?!” They started to get away from the congested city and to the outskirts.  It was quiet for a really long time.
    “So umm…where exactly are we meeting them again?” Ruth asked.  He pulled off and around a building.
    “Here actually.”  They all got out of the car.  Ruth started to feel uneasy as he opened a door.  Alex smiled as Ruth slowly went in, they continued down a flight of stairs, around some corners until they got to a room.  “They’re right in here.” Ruth stopped.
    “Ya know…I think I’m just going to walk back home.” She said.  Alex cocked his head.
    “But they’re right in here!”
    “I know but this place just gives me the hebee Jeeves.” She started to back up when Alex pulled out a gun and shot her in the shoulder.  She screamed in pain and started to yell for help when he put it to her head and whispered,
    “You’re not going anywhere mommy…” She stared at him and his face had turned from normal to psycho looking, like something had just snapped.
    “Mommy?!  What the hell, Alex?!” He turned to Gouge.
    “This is what is going to happen!  I’m going to beat the living shit out of her and you’re going to watch Gouge!  I’m going to beat mommy up and you will do nothing just like you did when she would beat me!” Gouge stared in horror.  “And if you try to leave, you’re dead!  You’re fucking dead, you hear?!” Gouge nodded slowly as he started pistol whipping her and beating her till she couldn’t speak anymore.  She finally passed out and Alex drug her into a room.
    “Alex…?” Gouge said hesitantly.
    “You’re going to watch her…” He said hanging his head.  “There’s a first aid kit over there, patch her up.”
    “You beat her to almost death and you want me to help her?” he said confused.
    “If she dies, then you die!” He pointed a gun to him, his eyes were crazed.  Gouge grabbed the first aid kit and ran next to the little girl.  “I’m going upstairs to talk to my grandpa, if I come back and you’re gone or if I hear sirens, you are dead!” He chuckled then slammed the door behind him.  Gouge looked at the beaten Ruth, profusely bleeding from her gunshot wound and started to wrap her up in gauze.
Present day…
    Ruth stared at her left shoulder.  “That’s what the scar is?” She asked as she showed everyone the mark.  Gouge nodded.
    “I never meant for it to…”
    “James!” An unfamiliar man’s voice came booming from the other side of the door.  “Open the door!” James looked at the 3 telling them to hide as they went back in the closet.
    “Oh no…it’s him.” Gouge whispered.  
    “Who?” 2D asked.  They shut the closet door as James opened his.
    “Yes pappy?” He asked innocently.
    “Pappy?” Ruth whispered.
    “Where are they?” The man demanded.
    “You have been sitting on the walkie button, where is the singer and that trader?!”
    “I….I….uh…” He said scared backing up to his bed.  “Did you really hurt a little girl when you were young daddy?” He said abruptly.  That’s when 2D and Ruth started figuring out who this man was.  He stared at James then spotted the closet and started to march over to it.  “No!  Don’t go over there!” He pulled on his pants.  He pushed James over then.  2Ds heart started to race.  He opened the door and Gouge started to attack him.  He punched him and they started to have a brawl.
    “I will not stand idly by any longer, Alex!  This has gone on for far too long!” He yelled.
    “I knew you were always against me!” Alex was able to push him over on the ground and pulled out his gun, aiming it to his head.
    “Alex..?  I’m supposed to be your best friend!” He squinted his eyes and fired, killing him instantly.  James screamed as the blood splattered all over his floor.  Derick, Martin, and Ned gasped as they watched.  Ruth and 2D held onto each other paralyzed with fear.
    “Gouge!” Ruth exclaimed.  2D started to shake,
    “You….you killed him?” Alex stared at the singer then grinned.  James ran to 2D and covered his eyes.  Alex frowned at this.
    “Choose him over your own father, James?” James just kept crying, Ned spoke up, still in pain from the stab wound.
    “Sh…shit man you didn’t have to do…” Alex turned around and shot him in the chest making him fall to his knees.  He was being supported by Mr. Martin and Derick but they let him go out of fright they would be shot too.  “Gah!” He exclaimed holding his chest.
    “That’s for being useless and starting these rumors that Ruth is a ghost.” Ned looked up at Alex as he put the gun next to his temple.  “And…I just don’t like you.” Ned stared at him with fear as he shot him as well, also killing him instantly.  His body flung to the floor as everyone in the room just froze.  “Any more comments?” Derick and Martin shook their heads.  “Good, now take the singer and the boy back to the room.”
    “The boy too?” Martin asked surprised.
    “He’s chosen to be with the blue haired freak instead of his own blood, so yea…the boy too.”
    “But…he’s your son.” Alex glared at him.
    “Do you want to join Ned and Gouge?!” He shook his head and grabbed James as he started to flail.
    “No let me go!” He cried out.  2D tried to help but Alex pointed the gun toward James.
    “Try something stupid and he joins the others.” He then nodded his head and went with Derick.  Ruth quickly figured that they couldn’t see her and was going to do something to help but was scared that if something abnormal were to happen then harm would either come to 2D or James or both.  2D and Ruth shared a stare as she just followed them.
                               Chapter 10 – Gouge
    2D panted hard as they ran through the hallways taking sharp corners.  “Tell me again why you had to stab him?  Pretty sure they’re going to follow us now!”
    “It made an impression!  Show them I’m not messing around anymore!  Besides, I know the way out!  We’ll be outta here in a jiffy!” They turned another corner.
    “You do?”
    “Yea, I followed Ned and James here; can you believe this is actually the basement of that shoddy motel we were in earlier?” Ruth suddenly stopped and looked around.
    “Ummm….I thinks we took a wrong turn.”
    “But don’t worry!  I…I uhhhh….I think it’s this way!” She turned around and hesitated.  “Or…maybe this way?”
    “Thought you said you knew?”
    “Well…I DID!  But I got busy talking!”
    “Hey!  Stop right there!” Gouge’s voice came.
    “Crap!  Ummm….well maybe we can go through the wall?!” Ruth took 2D’s hand and ran toward the wall but hit it hard and fell over.  “OW!  Why didn’t that work?”
    “Hey man, look…I don’t wana hurt you…but I will!”
    “Not want to hurt me?!  Your friends have been beating me up for just asking about the name Ruth!” 2D replied.  Gouge looked around like he was frightened by something.
    “Look man, this is all very complex.”
    “I’ll say!”
    “Some of us have done things we’re not proud of, seen things we didn’t want to, we’re forced into situations fearing for our own lives!” Gouges eyes became soft and innocent.  “Just come back to the room with me.”
    “And get beaten?!  I think not!”
    “Look, you don’t understand!” He hung his head.  “You say you see Ruth, James says he sees her too…but why doesn’t she let me see her?”
    “Probably because you killed her!” Ruth looked at 2D with sadness when he said this.
    “No!  I would never hurt her!  Ruth…” He started to tear up.  “She didn’t deserve anything that she got…and I, I just stood idly by watching everything that happened!” He fell to his knees shocking both 2D and Ruth.  This stocky, young man that looked the toughest out of all of them was on his knees in tears.  “But I was scared!  You only got a small taste of what all she was put through, what I was threatened would happen to me!  If I could go back in time and stop that fateful day she left with us, I would!”
    “Left with you?!” Ruth exclaimed.  Gouge looked up.
    “Did I…?”
    “You kidnapped me!”
    “You act like you’re so innocent!  I don’t know what happened to me but if it is as bad as you claim and you just stand by and watch, you’re just as guilty!” Gouge got from his knees and started to slowly walk to her.  “What….what are you doing?”
    “Stay back!” 2D exclaimed.  “I have uhh…” He looked around.  “What do we have to protect ourselves?” He asked Ruth.
    “I have my fists and I ain’t afraid to use ‘em!”
    “It’s true…you are a ghost…” Gouge said.
    “Wait…he sees me?”
    “He sees you?” Gouge smiled then stared at Ruth and cried.
    “And you look just as you did that first day…I’m so sorry Ruth…”  Ruth and 2D looked at each other.
    “You know so much about this “first day”, if you want to make it up to me, tell me all you know about me, starting from the beginning.” Gouge looked at her then heard Derick’s voice call out,
    “Where are you, you tall, skinny, freaky pop singer?”
    “Out here is too risky!” Suddenly a door opened from beside them.  James was standing in the doorway.
    “You can come in my room.” He said.  They all looked at each other.
    “Why didn’t we notice that door before?” 2D asked.
    “Doesn’t matter just get in!” Ruth shoved him in there.  They got in right as Derick came around the corner.  He raised an eyebrow and walked over to James’ room.  He tried to open it but it was locked, he started to shake the door handle then knocked hard exclaiming,
    “James!  You open this door right now!” It was then James opened the door with a smiling face.
    “Yes, Mr. Derick?” He pushed the boy aside and looked around the room.
    “Hear anything suspicious?” James looked at him weirdly.
    “Nothing that I don’t hear normally.” Derick stared at him.
    “Right…well…stay in here and don’t come out until we tell you.  If you need something…” He gave him a walkie.  “Just call.” James nodded his head.  Derick turned and left the room, James made sure he was gone then went to his closet and opened the door.  The three fell out.
    “Ya know Ruth, you really didn’t need to be in there, they can’t see you.” 2D said.  Ruth glared at him.
    “You don’t have to keep reminding me.” Gouge got up and looked at them.
    “Alright…from the beginning.” It was quiet.  “It happened when I was just 15…”
Chapter 9 – Discovered
  It was dark, quiet, not a sound was heard but as 2D started to regain consciousness a dripping sound could be heard in the distance; he could tell that wherever he was, was a really shoddy area.  They had something wrapped around his eyes but he could still see faint light threw the piece of cloth.  Breathing and footsteps were heard, he could feel someone taking off the cloth.
    “Stuuuuuuuuaart” A female voice came…this all seemed familiar.
    “Ruth?” He mumbled.  The light grew bigger after the cloth was removed and 2D started being able to see what was really happening.  The voice turned manlier,
    “Stuart, how are you holding up?” It was that man, Mr. Martin.  2D gasped.
    “I suppose you’re doing fine then?  You can talk after all.”
    “I still don’t see why we had to blindfold him after we knocked him out…that was just kind of pointless.” The older man said.  2Ds eyes finally adjusted to the light to see who he was.
    “Because, did you not just see how cool that was?  He is petrified from that reentrance of mine!”
    “I’m pretty sure that’s because you shot him, forced him into your car, then had us put chloroform to him, not the blindfold.” Mr. Martin glared at him.
    “You are a party pooper, do you know that?”
    “You!  You’re that man from the school!  That’s where I recognize you from!” 2D blurted.  The older smirked at 2D.
    “You’re not as stupid as people say you are.” 2D cringed and looked at his shoulder, it had stopped bleeding but it still hurt.  “Ah yea, that’ll hurt for a little while.” He chuckled.  “But that’s the least of your problems right now.” Mr. Martin jerked 2Ds head to stare at him, he tried to fight back but his hands and feet were bound by rope behind his back.
    “His name is Derick and that other pretty face over there…” He pointed his head to the other man that had been in the car with them. “That’s Gouge, as in…gouge out your eyes if we have to!”
    “Dude!  Why you always saying our names to people we bring in here?  Maybe I don’t want people to know my mom named me Gouge!  I got…picked on in school!”
    “Well he’s not leaving here, it’s not like he’s going to tell anyone.” Gouge looked around.  “Oh no…you’re not seriously…”
    “But…what if she is man?”
    “Gouge!  You know as well as I do ‘Ned’ has had nothing but stupid paranoia since that incident!”
    “Ned?  That motel owner?” 2D asked.  “He squeezed my hand!  He’s a jerk!”  The three looked at him.
    “Oh, right forgot they met.” Mr. Martin stated.  
    “Wait, so Ned and the old bloke were both involved?!  I’m so confused!  Why did you bring me here?” Mr. Martin punched 2D.  “Ow!  What was that for?” He punched him again. “OW!!!”
    “I’m the one asking questions here!”
    “And to think I actually liked you…” He was getting ready to hit him again when Derick stopped him.
    “Let me explain 2D, you have become involved in a very…intense and complicated situation.”
    “So I can tell!”
    “You’re going around asking questions about a girl 10 years after she went missing, digging up secrets that you shouldn’t.”
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about but all I found out is that Ruth went missing and her brother really misses her.  You all are the ones who came and shot me!” Derick grabbed a hold of 2D’s hair and slammed him on the ground breaking a tooth.
    “You’re saying you can see the girl!!!” He said furiously.  He got close to 2D’s ear.  “Now you’re either crazy, or using it as a gimmick to get people to start asking questions again.  Well, we don’t want that…this was all brushed under the rug!  Everyone was supposed to have forgotten about that little brat!”
    “She’s….not….a brat.” 2D coughed up blood.  They looked at him as him sat up.  “She’s a kind girl; she just wants to know what happened to her.” The man’s eyes got wide as he started slamming 2D’s face against the wall.
    “Stop acting like you see her!” He let him go and 2D cringed on the floor.
    “Murdoc….hits harder….” He was getting ready to stomp him when suddenly Ned came bursting through the door with James.
    “Martin!  You got to listen to this!  James says he saw the same Ruth as that 2D guy!” James looked to see 2D all bloodied and screamed.
    “Aw shit Ned!  Why would you bring the kid in here?!” Mr. Martin exclaimed.  Ned looked to see 2D and pushed James outside the door.
    “What the hell you going on about?” Gouge asked.
    “James, he went out of my sight for a few seconds…”
    “You let him out of your sight?!” Derick said enraged.
    “It was only for a couple of seconds and I got him back!”  It was during this bickering 2D saw Ruth come through the doorway, pass by all the bickering men and kneel next to him.
    “Ruth…?” He said quietly and unsure.  She nodded and looked him over.
    “Those monsters…look what they’ve done to you!”
    “It doesn’t matter!” Ned continued.  “When I found him he said he was talking to a girl named Ruth and that…Mr. Martin had kidnapped 2D.” Ned kept looking around as they all stared.  2D stared at Ruth as he heard this.
    “James, that little boy…he can see me, you and him can only see me.” Ruth stood back up and grabbed a knife from a counter.  She came back over to 2D and started to cut the ropes.  “I see Ned and that old man are involved too?  You can’t trust anyone these days…”
    “James!  Come here!” Mr. Martin exclaimed.  James slowly walked back into the room and saw Ruth cutting the ropes from 2D but kept quiet.  “You saw…a girl?” He looked around.
    “I….I see a lot of girls when we go out.”
    “You know what I’m talking about!”
    “I don’t understand why it’s a big deal!  She was just crying and I just talked to her!” Mr. Martin went over to a drawer and scrimmage through some papers, grabbed one and brought it back to him.
    “Was this the girl you saw?” It was a newspaper clipping of Ruth’s picture, the same one that was on the internet, James nodded.  They all looked at each other.
    “See!  It’s true!  Maybe she really is a ghost!” Ned exclaimed as Mr. Martin punched him.
    “We do not talk about ghosts around him!” He looked back at James.  “You are dismissed to your room.” James looked back over to where 2D was and saw Ruth putting a finger over her lips.  He turned around and left the room.  
    “This is ridiculous to even be considering the fact that she might even be-” Ned’s scream interrupted Derick.  He fell over in agony to see Mr. Martins knife in his leg.
    “What the?” Mr. Martin exclaimed, he looked back over to the counter and it saw the knife was gone.
    “The singer!  He’s gone!” Gouge yelled.  They all looked to see him missing!  
    “Shit!  Go after him!” Gouge ran out the door.  He pulled the knife from Ned as he screamed.  “What the hell happened?!”
    “I was just standing with you all then something stabbed me, what the hell does it look like?!”  
    “How did this thing…?” He realized there was something written on the knife in sharpie.  He wiped off Ned’s blood on his khakis and read it, “I’m here”.  Mr. Martin, Derick, and Ned’s eyes all got wide.
    “Holy shit…” Derick exclaimed.  Mr. Martin got out his cell phone as Ned still moaned in pain.  He dialed a number; it rang a few times when someone answered.
    “Yea…you’re going to want to see this for yourself…” It was quiet for a long time.  “I got it, boss.”
                                    Chapter 8 - Remember
    “Would you knock it off, Jake?!” Melissa had screamed.  “That is like, SUPER ANNOYING!” Jake stared at her.
    “I’m trying to learn how to play this electric!  It’s harder than it looks, ya know?” He had replied.
    “Well, SOME of us are trying to focus on our own instruments!  Ahem, like the drums!”
    “That thing there is barely a drum; it’s a small little bongo.  How HARD could that possibly be?!” Melissa stuck her tongue out.
    “It’s a very intricate instrument.” Jake rolled his eyes then looked over at Ruth who was still staring at her Gorillaz poster on the wall, smiling.  “Are you ever going to stop staring at that thing?”
    “Yea, we get it already Ruth, the front man liked you the best, don’t have to keep rubbing it in.” Melissa said annoyed.  Ruth turned to them.
    “I’m not rubbing it in!  I’m just…thinking.”
    “Thinking about what?  How you’re going to grow up and meet him again one day?  Tell him how you’ve become a really popular singer too?  You’re in your own band and blah, blah, blah?” Jake said.
    “Oh come on, Ruth!” Melissa said.  “He was just being nice when he wrote that, he’s probably done forgot about you, they’ve all probably done forgot about us!  It’s been a month since then, Jake and I have done moved on to the next cool group, GREEN DAY!” Ruth flinched.
    “YOU’RE WRONG!” She said angrily.  “He really thought I could become something!  He inspired me!”
    “Oh, here we go…” Jake said.
    “I was never as vocal as I am now until that day!  And they obviously inspired you all too!  You had no interest in playing the guitars and drums until that day!”
    “Sure, maybe they made us interested in the instruments now but the Gorillaz were just a phase.  You like a certain band for a while, and then you move on, when are YOU going to move on?” Melissa replied, Ruth stared at her with disgust.
    “Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t just “move on” from a band.  I like the music I like and I become a fan for that reason.  I’m staying loyal to the Gorillaz until they die!” Melissa and Jake looked at each other and shrugged.
    “Well, whatever Ruth, let’s get back to our practicing.” Jake said.  “If we really are going to become a band, we need to practice, right?” Ruth nodded.
    “We still need a name.” Melissa said.
    “Hmmmm, how about ‘The Apes’?” Ruth said confidently.
    “Ruth, please!”
    “What about…” Jake thought. “The fiery guitarists!”
    “Not everyone is a guitarist.  How about ‘the cute, stuffed bears?’” Jake and Ruth stared at Melissa.  “What?”
    “Well…let’s combine the names!  ‘The cute, fiery Bear-apes?’” They all nodded in agreement.
    “Great!” Ruth said.  “So, when I get back from Aberdeen we’ll start practicing real hard, ok?” They all nodded.
    “Be sure to come back, too!” Jake said.  “What would ‘The cute, fiery Bear-apes’ be without its pianist/singer?” Ruth smiled and giggled.
    “I’ll come back, you moron!  I’m not going to like Aberdeen THAT much.”
    “Well good!  Better not forget about us while you’re gone.” Ruth looked at him weird.
    “I’m only going to be gone for a week, stop worrying!  I’m not going to forget you…”
    That’s when Ruth woke up from her dream.  She looked around.
    “What a weird dream…” She said to herself.  “Who were those people?  How did I know them?” She gasped.  “I should tell 2D about…” She looked around at the people walking on the street and remembered everything that had happened prior to her falling asleep.  “Oh…that’s right…” She put her face back in her hands.  “What am I going to do?!  No one listens to me and I don’t know where he took him!  Why did I leave?  Why didn’t I just follow the car?” She started to sob.  She looked back up to see a small boy walking toward the business she was leaning against.  With anger, she screamed, “Why doesn’t anyone listen?!” The small boy was shocked and stared at Ruth.  She put her face back in her hands and cried.
    “Hey…are you ok?” The small boy asked. Ruth looked up to see him again.  He looked to be about 6 or 7.  Short brown hair with hazel eyes.  He wore a blue hoody that was too big for him and some baggy jeans.  His shoes were also Nikes.  Stunned, Ruth started to stutter.
    “Are…are you talking to me?” The boy looked around confused.
    “Well, yeah…why wouldn’t I?  You’re crying, you seem very sad.”
    “Well…I….I am!”
    “Oh, well my name is James, what’s yours?” Ruth was still stunned but snapped out of it.
    “Ruth, what a pretty name.  Why are you sad, Ruth?”    
    “My friend!  He was shot and abducted!  You have to tell someone!” She grabbed his arms and pulled him close to her.  He pushed her off him.
    “Why don’t you just tell the police?”
    “No one listens!  You’re the first person beside my friend who actually listens!” The boy looked at her.
    “Oh, well that’s mean of them.”
    “Yeah, I know right?!”
    “What’s your friends’ name?”
    “Oh, it’s Stuart Pot but he goes by 2D.”
    “2D?  He’s the Gorillaz singer.” Ruth stared at him.
    “I guess he really IS popular.”
    “Well…yea!  They are my favorite band, odd no one has reported him missing.”
    “Well he was!  By some guy named Mr. Martin!”
    “Mr. Martin?”
    “Yea!  Now please, just tell people so they can go find him!” The boy stuttered.
    “I…I uh….I can’t.”
    “What?!  Why?!”
    “I just…I can’t.”
    “JAMES!  There you are!” A familiar voice came.  They both turned around to see Ned.
     “Ned?” Ruth said surprised.
    “You know about running off!  Do you want me to get in trouble with your father?!  HUH?!” He said grabbing his arm.
    “I’m sorry!  I just saw this girl crying and I…”
    “Girl crying?  So where’s the girl?  She run off or something?”
    “No she’s right there!” He pointed towards Ruth who was still surprised at the situation.  Ned stared at her…but saw nothing.
    “Are you playing a game?”
    “What?  No!  She says Mr. Martin kidnapped 2D!” Ned pulled James close to him.
    “You shut your mouth!”
    “You know something don’t you?!” Ruth exclaimed.
    “We’re leaving!”
    “Ruth…I’m sorry!” James said, Ned stopped.
    “What…what name did you just say?”
    “Who are you talking to?”
    “She’s standing right there!  What are you talking about, Ned?” Ned stared at the spot again but this time, he had the face of uncertainty and worry.
    “Come on, let’s go.” He pulled James away into the abundance of people.
    “He can’t see me…” Ruth said depressed.  She started to think, “Wait…he can’t see me!” She started to have hope.  “He can’t see me, but I can see him!” She smirked.  “Alright Ned, let’s see where you’re going.”


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So i've been tagged by GodBlessTheDucks and i must answer her questions and tags some more peoples! MWAHAHAHA! Well here i go...
1. What is your favorite color? Why?
Answer: Well, i like blue and green.  Blue because, idk...just ever since i remember the color blue always caught my eye and i just fell in love with it.  Green on the otherhand i picked up around 2nd grade or so because i felt like the two colors just go together...idk...wierd child.
2. If you were to have anything in the world, what would you want?
Answer: Hmmm, thats hard, atm im craving a chocolate cake...but thatd be a waste of a wish.  I dont know, maybe a boyfriend? Maybe world peace?  Maybe i would take that chocolate cake...this is a lot to throw on one person...
3. What is your favorite paring? (it can be anime, tv show, or movie)
Answer: Weeeeeeell....I'm gona have to go with Robin and Starfire from Teen Titans.  Heck, i grew up with those two, i just love 'em!
4. Do you cosplay?
Answer: Hah, i wish
5. What is your favorite sweet food?
Answer: A tie between Almond Joy and Crunch Bar...mmmmm...this isnt helping my chocolate crave!
6. What is your opinion economy? Yeah.
Answer: Uhhhh...idk...i think we're in a recession but it's not as bad as everyone makes it my opinion everyone that complains about not having a job most the times are just bumbs who suck at working.  I mean c'mon?! You've been jobless for 6 months?? My god! Mcdonalds and gas stations are always freakin hiring!
7. Pineapples.
Answer: BANANAS...idk...first thing that popped in my head
8. How many books do you own?
Answer: oh...thats hard.  Me personally, probably about 50 kids disney book and 10 real books buuuut my sister on the other hand, whos crap is over at my house has got like over 300.
9. Do you like cheese? If you don' should.
Answer: Yes....cheeeeeeese
10. I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE. Just kidding. Do you like that song?
Answer: sure but uhhh, i think you need to get help if you keep looking at peoples huge gluteous maximusses XD

MWHAHAHAHAHA its time for me to tagg people!
:iconhybridyuki: :iconabstract-mindser:
:icongirly-dust-artist: :iconlombaxfan:
:iconshota-sundae: :iconquincygirl93:
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:iconmaakurinohime: :iconstorymaker12:

Question Time!
1. What made you decide to join deviantart?
2. Do you like Justin Bieber or One Direction? (I dont)
3. Whats you're theme song?
4. Make up a song about cabbage, GO NOW!
5. Is life meanigful to you?
6. If you could change your name, what would it be?
7. Pick a country/island/place most people havent heard of and make a poem about it.
8. Whats your preferred cell phone?
9. Cable or Satelite?
10. Guess what this word means (without looking it up!): Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Trust me, its a real word!

Ok, so maybe some of those werent questions at all, but i try to keep it interesting!
Anyways, nothing has really been up.  Might join FFA, might not, soooo blah.

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